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By law, every driver who drives in the Kingdom of Cambodia needs a valid drivers license.

You can apply and take a test in both Khmer and English for both Type A and B driver’s licenses at one of the Ministry’s driver’s license centers which are conveniently located at Aeon Mall I, Aeon Mall II and at all Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport offices.

You can schedule an appointment at these Centers to take the test via the Ministry’s online service at https://driverlicense.mpwt.gov.kh.

For those applying for a Type C license and higher you are required to sit for lessons at a officially sanctioned school to obtain a certification. Contact the Driver’s License Centers for more information.

Driving license Fees: 

A "motorbike"
30,000 Riels
B "Tourist / family car"
90,000 Riels
C and D 
95,000 Riels
E100,000 Riels

For driver’s license renewals, second and third renewals, of driving license of Type A, the fee is 30,000 Riels, and Type B and C: 30,000 Riels.
For Cambodian citizens, the documents required for taking test, renewing, and extending validity of your driving license are:
  • Identification of Cambodian nationality
  • 3 white background pictures of 4x6 (passport photo size)
  • Medical Certificate (obtained at the Driver’s License Centers. Fee: 10,000 Riels)
  • Expired driver’s license (for renewing, second issuing, and third issuing)
  • For Driver’s License Type C, D & E: A certificate from a certified Driving Schools 

For foreigners who want to obtain a Cambodian driving license, the following documents are required:

  • Your current driver’s license (translated in English or Khmer from the embassy of your own country, if not in English or French)
  • A passport
  • A valid visa
  • A certificate of residence
  • 3 white background passport sized photos of 4x6 
  • Medical Certificate (obtained at the Driver’s License Centers. Fee: 10,000 Riels)

After taking the exam, the average wait time is from 20 to 30 minutes to obtain your new driver’s license.