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Cambodian Professionals Forum (CamPro) discussed road traffic safety, transport and infrastructure development

On November 05, 2016, Senior Minister Sun Chanthol accompanied by MPWT’s senior officials, attended the Cambodian Professionals Network (CamPro) Roundtable Discussion with the participation of about 40 members of this association.

The Roundtable focused on social problems related to road traffic safety, road infrastructure development and transport facilitation. The Senior Minister took this opportunity to outline the major reforms conducted by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

In regards to traffic issues, the National Road Safety Committee has been striving to reduce the rate of traffic accidents by 10% for a 9 months period of 2015 compared to 2016, conducting campaigns that include distributing 3.4 million reflective stickers to adhere to vehicles so as to reduce accidents, conducting public awareness campaigns on road safety through radio, TV and Internet, re-painting lane markers, and installing more traffic signs.

Minister Sun noted the benefit of creating new jobs so as to manage and monitor road construction and maintenance in compliance with technical standards and the contracts of the project implementers.

In regards to pothole repairs, the Ministry has a new campaign that involves 25 cities/provinces nationally through the Provincial departments that involve over 300 customized motorbike trailers that are equipped with tools necessary to repair potholes. The Ministry will officially hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville expressway construction scheduled to be completed by 2017. The Minister also highlighted all the new construction and enhancements to the railway infrastructure.

Within the transport sector, the Senior Minister briefed the group on the strengthening and restructuring of weigh station scales and the introduction of the mobile scales to reduce overloaded transport. The Ministry has also created a Working Group for Monitoring Illegally Modified Vehicles in order to promote and educate garage owners and transporters about such damaging effects of these modifications. This working group will conduct further ongoing campaigns to reduce illegally modified trucks to keep all trucks in compliance with technical standards as defined by the law in October 27, 2016.

H.E Sun indicated that the ongoing reforms have resulted in transport cost reductions from 5% to 10% since May 01, 2016 and that the Ministry continues to strive for further cost reductions.

The Minister highlighted the establishment of the Drivers’ License Renewal Centre at Aeon Mall, which takes only 15 to 20 minutes for a citizen to obtain a driving license (07 days per week service, from 09 am to 10 pm), the soon to be implemented automation systems for vehicle registration, vehicle plate number, driving theoretical exam, driving licenses, vehicle technical inspections, and the launching of mobile technical inspection units so as to bring services closer to the citizens.

The members of CamPro expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the Senior Minister and the MPWT’s senior officials for contributing to the national development within this sector.