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Monthly Meeting on Key Outcomes of the Implementation of Road Traffic Law – October 2016

On November 03, 2016, H.E. Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transport, and Permanent Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee, (NRSC), chaired the monthly meeting on Key Outcomes of the Implementation of Road Traffic Law, with the participation of NRSC committee members and MPWT’s senior officials.

The meeting focused on the October 2016 monthly report that monitors traffic law enforcement, compiled by the Committee. This report covers key issues including draft regulations, public awareness on law and specialization, results of law enforcement, road accidents, public feedback, issues and challenges, and next-step plans/direction for further implementation.

The meeting also mentioned the report on law enforcement against illegally modified trucks, focusing on the cutting of illegal modified trucks, enforcing on an equal basis without discrimination, and good, efficient cooperation within all provinces in enforcement regarding overloaded transportation.

Minister Sun took note of these reports and informed the Members of the Committee to focus on the issues involving accident prevention. He observed that some of our fellow citizens still do not respect road traffic laws, such as not wearing a helmet while driving and riding a motorcycle, resulting in unnecessary injuries and fatalities.

Senior Minister Sun Chanthol briefed the meeting about the road damages caused by the rain and other factors that require urgent maintenance and repairs. The Ministry has also organized motorcycle trailers equipped with tools necessary to repair potholes that will be distributed to provincial Departments of Public Works and Transport across 25 cities/provinces with the express purpose of carrying out road maintenance and repairs. He also mentioned the changes of management and procedures in monitoring and evaluating the construction of roads so as to improve road quality.

Within the transport sector, the Minister highlighted the plan to establish a “Theoretical Exam Center” for citizens wishing to obtain a driving license through the new automation system at Aeon Mall and the possibility for citizens to take their exam on a virtual steering wheel through new procedures. This will help reduce the costs to citizens by utilizing the Online Vehicle Registration and allow motorcycle and car dealers to issue license plate numbers as well as register with the Ministry on behalf of the owners of the vehicles.

The Senior Minister expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Members of the Committee as well as the Working Group for Monitoring Illegally Modified Trucks for their hard work and their success to date, and encouraged the Working Group to continue their efforts to help the country reduce traffic accidents and lessen damage to roads.