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H.E. Sun Chanthol attended IBC Open Meeting

On the morning of 04th November, 2016 at Himawari hotel, H.E. Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister, Minister of Public Works and Transport attended the IBC Open Meeting attended primarily by industry leaders from within the private sector.

Minister Sun briefed the participants on the Ministry’s key reform initiatives and actions that have been taken and are being implemented at the Ministry.

He highlighted the key reforms including transportation cost reduction, the driver’s license renewal centre at Aeon, the automation systems for vehicle registration, vehicle technical inspections, and driving licenses; mobile technical inspection units, illegally overloaded transport control, road traffic safety issues and measures, and other key actions that are being undertaken to rehabilitate and further improve the road infrastructure and connectivity, railways, waterway transports and ports in Cambodia.

Minister Sun emphasized better quality road construction by addressing that ” we do not want to hear any more criticism on substandard road quality, and it is time for us to build our roads with quality and standards”.

Minister called for good cooperation in the broaden context on how The Ministry, other institutions, and the private sector can work together to promote more investment related to transport infrastructure development in Cambodia, and encouraged the participants to vigorously take part in the implementation and enforcement of road traffic laws so as to help reduce road traffic accidents and congestion in the country.