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Farewell visit from Mr. Adachi Itsu, Chief Representative of JICA

On March 21, 2017 at the Ministry of Public Work and Transport, H.E. Sun Chanthol received a farewell visit from Mr. Adachi Itsu, Chief Representative of JICA.

Mr. Itsu expressed his satisfaction with the close cooperation between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and JICA.

At this meeting he also introduced Mr. Sugano Yuichi, In-Coming Chief Representative of JICA to Cambodia.

Mr. Itsu expressed his strong commitment in continue his support of important projects to improve the quality of transport and logistics systems in Cambodia.

Minister Sun expressed appreciation for the cooperation and support JICA has been so forthcoming with.

These notably include the formulation of the Logistics Master Plan, the Introduction of the Port EDI System, the formulation of the Phnom Penh City Urban Transport Master Plan, and the Feasibility Study on Phnom Penh – Bavet Expressway Development.