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Meeting with EDCF

On November 4, 2016, at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, H.E. Sun Chanthol met with Ms. Yi Jieon, Director of EDCF Operations Department.

The Senior Minister expressed his concerns regarding the construction of National Road 21 by the Hansin Construction Company as it relates to their previous violation of their contract between the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Hansin Construction Company. The violation involved allowing subcontractors to perform over 50% of the scope of work contracted in the agreement with the Ministry, in direct violation of the agreement.

Minister Sun demanded that the construction company that violated the contract be held responsible for the violation and that a thorough evaluation be conducted to ensure that their road construction work is up to contractual standards and constructed to specifications as outlined in the contract.

In response, Ms. Yi promised to review the case and requested cooperation between the Ministry and her team in exchanging data and evidence in regards to these issues. Ms. Yi also expressed her regret as to this violation and promised to follow up to the Minister’s satisfaction.