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General Department of Administration

The Directorate of Administrative Services is responsible for the communication, and coordination of the ministry, the management of the affairs concerning the administration, the personnel and Human Resource , the materials, the equipment, the accounting, the finance, the training and the planning. The Directorate of Administrative Services is led by a Director General assisted by two Deputy – Director General.

The directorate of Administrative Services consist of five department:

DEPARTMENT OF Administration

      The responsibilities of the Department of Administration :

  • Coordinate all activities of the Ministry at the central level to the local level and with the others institution organization.

  • Manage and circulate the Ministry administrative documents.

  • Insure the efficiency of the administration safety.

  • Prepare the end of year statement, report of the ministry activities.

  • Ensure the activity of the ministry IT issues.

DEPARTMENT OF Personnel and Human Resource

      The responsibilities of the Department of Personnel and Human Resources :

  • Manage on the administrative level of civil servants and public agents of the Ministry, in relation with the Secretariat of Public Function.

  • Prepare the administrative documents for the professional management.

  • Establish the program of technical post and human resource of the Ministry.

  • Evaluate the need of staff training.

  • Prepare the beginner training and the continuous training in relation with the Secretariat of Public Function.

  • Prepare the Statistics of Personnel Management and the execution information level.

  • Manage the social affairs of the Ministry.

DEPARTMENT OF Accounting and Finance

       The responsibilities of the Department of Accounting and Finance :

  • Keep permanently the money orders and the material accounting.

  • Computerize the finance activities and the accounting charges.

  • Elaborate the Ministry annual budget and follow-up the implementation.

  • Collect the tax in accordance with the Finance law.

  • Manipulate and coordinate the budget chapters.

  • Manipulate and coordinate all the Ministry expenditures.

  • Manipulate the accounting of the public bids execution.


      The responsibilities of the Department of Planning :

  • Centralize the needs; elaborate the expenditures program on management, repairing the materials and the equipments of the Ministry.

  • Follow up the management of the special account.

  • Control technically the public bids execution.

  • Prepare and manage the data system of the Ministry, and fix the development program on all sectors.

  • Elaborate the internal and international cooperation program on the public works and transport sector.

  • Coordinate the foreign aids and control their implementation.

DEPARTMENT OF International Cooperation

      The responsibilities of the Department of International Cooperation

  • Coordinate and communicate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and other concerned ministries and entities on international cooperation relating to public works and transport sector.
  • Strengthen cooperation and coordinate communication with International Organizations, Regional Organizations, Civil Society Organizations of countries which support public works and transport sector in accordance with the Government’s policy.
  • Prepare international affairs related documents for the Management of the Ministry to negotiate and sign on Minutes, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Exchanges of Notes, Agreements, and any international treaties.
  • Cooperate with Government, Ministry or other entities to coordinate activities of all units which are operated under bilateral and multilateral loan.
  • Coordinate and manage database of foreign aids and loan concerning public works and transport sector.
  • Monitor and evaluate implementation of international cooperation related to public works and transport which is stated in Minutes, MoU, Exchange of Notes, Agreements and international treaties which are pledged and permitted to join in accordance to procedure that Royal Government of Cambodia is the signer.
  • Prepare planning and budget plan for delegates and officers who attend meetings oversea.
  • Perform duties assigned by General Directorate of Administration and the Ministry.