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Bilateral Meeting between the Ministry of Transport of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Kingdom of Cambodia

On January 11, 2017 at the Ministry of Transport in Hanoi, H.E. Sun Chanthol led a Cambodian delegation from the MPWT to have a bilateral meeting with H.E. TRUONG QUANG NGHIA, Minister of Transport of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Minister Sun expressed his appreciation and thanks for the invitation and ongoing cooperation and support afforded by the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in contribution to the rehabilitation and development of transport infrastructure in Cambodia such as the construction of NR 78 from Banlung to Oyadav, Chrey thom- Long Binh Bridge, and the connecting road between O Yadav- Le Thanh.

Minister Sun and Minister QUANG NGHIA took notes on the cooperation between the two countries and the two Ministries on the study and construction of Phnom Penh – Bavet and Ho Chi Minh- Moc Bai expressway projects and the cooperation strategy in transport sector 2016-2025 and the vision 2030.

Minister Sun informed the VN side that the draft MOUs for the mentioned cooperation will be finalized with the consultation of other involved Ministries and authorities. He added that good connectivity will improve and expand the bilateral trade volumes to 5 000 M USD in the near future.

Minister QUANG NGHIA expressed his country’s strong commitment to continue to work closely with Cambodia to improve the connectivity assist Cambodia in the infrastructure development and improved connectivity by air, road, railways, inland and maritime wateways. Mr. Sun suggested that the working groups on inland waterway and maritime transport of both ministries should meet soon to discuss ways to strengthen the cooperation on inland waterway and maritime transpor between the two countries.