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Mission and Function

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport is decreed by the Royal Government of Cambodia to lead and manage the public works and transport sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has the following mission and functions:

  • Manage the Implementation of national policy concerning all public works construction by establishing the principles of law and cooperate with various organizations to develop the country.

  • Build, maintain and manage all the transportation infrastructure such as roads, bridges, ports, railways, waterways and buildings.

  • Establish the regulations for the development of the roads, ports, railways and waterways infrastructure.

  • Establish the regulations and control the transport by road, railway and waterway.

  • Participate and cooperate to establish laws, regulations, diverse standards concerning the construction of transport infrastructure.

  • Realize the other constructions that the Royal Government entrusts to it.

  • Cooperate with the Secretariat of Civil Aviation concerning all airport construction works.